The Smart Way to Play Black Friday

This Friday in America is Black Friday. One of the few days in the year where you can pretty much guarantee that millions of people are going to be on the hunt for good deals. But Black Friday doesn’t have to result in running around department stores fighting off people for the scraps of pre-Christmas …

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Remove Unwanted Referrers

How to Remove Unwanted Referrers From Your Logs & Analytics

Learn how you can block unwanted referrers such as SEMalt from accessing your site and skewing your website analytics.

Gravity Forms Review – The Advanced Form Building Plugin for WordPress

We used Gravity Forms to build a 3,540+ marketing list and profit in the process, all with just a single form. Click for the full case study & review.

Grow Your Email Marketing List With Two-Step Optin Forms

Two-Step Optin Forms allow you to grow your email marketing list faster by practically removing the risk for your prospects whilst increasing commitment.

Business Lessons from Bali

Business Lessons from Bali

Recently I took a trip to Bali for the first time and was thrown into a world where notes are worth hundreds of thousands just for a meal and everyone you meet on the street is selling something. Whilst it’s a beautiful country with some idyllic locations once you get a little bit off the …

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White Screen of Death

WordPress Gone Wild: How to Fix 90% of WordPress White Screen of Death Errors – P.S. I’m Sorry!

“Don’t change anything on launch day. Better yet, don’t change anything you haven’t tested on a staging server before!” Click here to learn from my mistakes

The Benefits of Negative Keywords

The Benefits of Negative Keywords in Your PPC Campaigns

When paying for traffic with pay per click (PPC) placements every click counts and negative keywords can be the key to ROI by keeping the bad traffic out.

Affiliate Marketing Analysis

Affiliate Marketing Lessons Learned from Four Years of Click Tracking Data

There is a famous quote in the marketing world that states “half of my marketing is wasted, I just don’t know which half”. The good news is, in the age of digital marketing this is much less of an issue than it was before and if you set things up right from the start you …

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Everything must be as simple as possible, but no simpler. - Albert Einstein

The Importance of Reviewing Your Customer Journeys

Any business that has been active for a while will start to develop certain complexities and some of them may be hurting your business. Whether it is the way that a customer signs up for your newsletter, the system you have for accepting payments or even just the way they find information on your site. …

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Digital Marketing Backups & Analysis

Social Media Backups and Data Analysis For Marketers

One of the most overlooked parts of social media marketing is retaining full control of your content. This post isn’t about checking the terms of conditions to understand copyright but actually taking steps to prevent losing access to your own content if your account gets banned or the service closes down. You’ll also discover a few …

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Local Marketing Listings [UK Edition]

If you run a business with a physical presence or only service your local area then you will want to take advantage of Local Marketing Listings. These are the modern equivalent of the old school business phone book and you can occasionally get leads depending of the type of business. However one of the other …

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