Technology could be considered a very broad subject but here at The Modern Entrepreneur we primarily look at the tools that are impacting marketing and online business. This means that we often focus on the part of the sector know as MarTech (based on Marketing Technology, we are a clever bunch, us marketers!).

In this section of the site we are interested in anything that makes crafting effective marketing campaigns or doing business online easier.

Send Your Website Visitors Push Notifications With PushCrew

Recently you may have noticed a small notification encouraging you to receive our Push Notifications. It looks a little something like this… Push Notifications should be familiar to anyone with a smartphone. They are a simple way for app users to stay up to date with changes and updates so you’ve been receiving them for years. They are also a powerful …

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The Best Google Analytics Apps For iOS

Whilst Google does have an official Google Analytics app for iPhones, it hasn’t always been the best so there are many other high quality options on the market. I recently went in search for the best Google Analytics app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and downloaded pretty much every dedicated Google Anlaytics app on the …

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Grow Your Email Marketing List With Two-Step Optin Forms

Two-Step Optin Forms allow you to grow your email marketing list faster by practically removing the risk for your prospects whilst increasing commitment.

HTTPS SSL Website Security

Why We Enabled SSL And You Should Too

In a world where hacking attacks seemingly make the headlines weekly (almost daily if you follow tech circles!), it is more important than ever to take every step you can to protect your website. As this site has evolved into a place where we directly sell products on the site we knew it was equally important …

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Bitcoin For Business: Is It Ready?

In recent news there has been a lot of buzz around an emerging digital currency called Bitcoin. If you’re not already aware of Bitcoin, it is a cryptographic currency developed for creating secure and mostly anonymous online payments. One of the best introductions to the Bitcoin currency overall can be seen in the video below. …

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We Now Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an alternative virtual payment solution and we now accept bitcoins for all products in our store as well as our other methods including PayPal and Credit Cards. It is a decentralised digital currency without ownership or control and is built using open source technology and is community driven just like WordPress which is one …

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Online Payment Systems

When you first want to start accepting payments on the internet it can be quite confusing with traditional business advice stating you need to open a business bank account with merchant facilities and bank managers all fighting to get you locked in to their specific system. The truth is often far different from the scary …

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Seven Apps For Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Seven Apps For Highly Effective Modern Entrepreneurs

These days it seems almost everyone has an iPhone or Android based smartphone and if you consider yourself a modern entrepreneur, there is an even higher chance that you are already using one. This post has been put together to share some of the best cross-platform/cloud apps for entrepreneurs to keep your business organised. There …

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Should You Learn to Build Websites?

If you are seriously interested in making websites. Your best bet for learning HTML is using as a reference and getting hold of a decent walkthrough. Have a clear idea of what you want in advance and then work it out as you go along. Also make a habit of viewing the source code of various …

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Uncommon Automation to Save Hours Every Week

Today I’m going to recommend the popular password manager RoboForm. I actually use this software daily and even made an order of Roboform2GO which is the portable edition you can use on any Windows PC. To coincide with this addition to the downloads section, I thought I’d share a few of the ways that this …

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Self-Hosted Content

The Importance of Self-Hosted Content

It is inevitable that if you are working online in the current day and age you will end up using several third party websites/applications throughout your day. Online marketers will often write articles for EzineArticles, create viral videos for YouTube and even create fan pages on Facebook. Not only is it mostly unavoidable but often …

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