I fully recommend … without reservation. In fact I was a little apprehensive writing a testimonial here because I didn’t want this guy and his team to be booked up with other work! Exceptional customer service, performance and quality. A+

Michael Wilson, 6SMedia

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Daniel for persevering with my creaky old website. After many years of improvements we've finally put her to rest!

Daniel moved the site over to a new faster server, rebuilt the site on a newer WordPress theme and generally sped up everything to make for a quicker loading, more responsive site.

His services are great for a small ‘one man band' business like mine, combining website design skills with marketing advice.

I couldn't recommend Daniel highly enough, he solves problems quickly and efficiently, is customer focused and simply gets the job done.

James White Photography

Daniel is like a one-man air crew. He makes sure that my flights always land safely, even when multiple flights demand to land at the same time. He turns the impossible into reality – mad timelines, demanding requests, and weird features are all possible because of his experience, intelligence, and commitment to help small business owners like me succeed. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to launch my flagship tripwire and core product – AdsToProfits.

Jason How, J Social

There are very few people that I trust in the internet marketing space, but Daniel McClure is one of them. I first met Dan when we both won the scholarship for Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar and he taught me tons about WordPress and online monetization in just the short time that we spoke with each other. I could instantly tell that he was going to blow up so I kept him close, and blow up he did. I now go to Dan almost daily for advice on my business, especially how to correctly integrate new systems that I’m using and he gets it right every time. On top of that, he releases killer products with are designed to help you leave your competition in the dust, so if you are thinking about buying from Dan but don’t, you’re making a huge mistake. Keep Dan close and watch your business hit the next level.

Benjamin Jaques, Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur

Over the last few years I’ve repeatedly bounced ideas regarding WordPress and Digital Marketing off Daniel. I’ve also sought he expert advice and numerous occasions and have be impressed with his breadth of knowledge as well as willingness to always help. Highly recommended.

Chris Stott, Marketing Strategist · Software Entrepreneur · Property Investor

Dan is the online business owners secret weapon when it comes to WordPress! Dan breaks the ‘techy’ mould that most web designers and developers have. This is because Dan not only knows how to create beautiful and functional designs, but he knows how to make them convert into sales! If you are looking for a web designer or developer that will give you incredible value, look no further than Dan!

Kirsty Price, Marketing Manager at The Garage / Campus Aberdeen

Terrific experience with this vendor. They had fantastic expertise and provided professional service within our deadline. Highly recommended and look forward to working with again.

Canton, Internet Marketer

Excellent, professional service! Daniel is a great communicator, wonderful in combination with his superb skills, expertise and insights about online business. He is also very personable and warm, making working with him a pleasure. His knowledge of WordPress is very impressive and anyone creating a blog or online business would do well to use Daniel’s services.

Glenn Carlson, Entrepreneur

A very professional job. I would not hesitate to use them again.

AndyFlames, Digital Marketer
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