The Smart Way to Play Black Friday

This Friday in America is Black Friday. One of the few days in the year where you can pretty much guarantee that millions of people are going to be on the hunt for good deals. But Black Friday doesn't have to result in running around department stores fighting off people for the scraps of pre-Christmas stock in some kind of horror movie.

There are 2 smarter ways to play Black Friday that can benefit your business.

  1. Invest in upgrading your business for the cheapest price you're likely to find.
  2. Promote you own products to people that have been sitting on the edge.

With just a little planning and forethought you can likely do both of these things!

1. Invest.

In every business there are the things you need and use to just get stuff done but eventually you outgrow them or realise you need to add extra possibilities into the mix.

Take some time to think about everything that you've stumbled on in the past few months; maybe it is limits with your current marketing tools, unreliable hosting, or just something you need to do but can't get your head around

There is a very good chance that someone will be selling the services, tools and training you need at a discount so if you know what you need to focus on and don't get distracted there are some great savings to be made.

I've personally built a collection of some of the best offers for entrepreneurs here.

Check back over the next few days as I'm adding new deals when I find them…

2. Promote.

Whether you have your own products and services or you make money by recommending others. Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday is when millions of people and hitting stores with their cards and wallets in hand just waiting to jump on the right deal.

Think about how you can structure a promotion that your audience will get excited about. Perhaps it's as simple as a price reduction, but you can also bundle products together and even create exclusive offers with built in scarcity as people just can't get them all year around.

You don't even need to overhaul your existing site or sales funnels. Simply offer coupon codes if your cart allows it or edit your payment buttons for the day.

Whether you decide to invest, promote, or both this Black Friday, be smart and you can benefit from a lot more than just a new gadget in the long run.

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