The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools

On this page I'll be documenting all of the tools that I've tried and tested throughout my Twitter Advertising adventures. I will include both tools that I like but also those that weren't as great for full transparency, so do make sure you read the comments.

Mobile Twitter Apps

  • Official Twitter App* – This works well, links in to all of the official features and allows for managing multiple accounts these days. My go-to app for ad-hoc sending on the iPhone.
  • TweetBot for Twitter – This is my default app for #Twitter use on the iPad. Great for managing multiple accounts and tracking hashtags. It works well on the iPhone too, however I tend to use the official app for iPhone more often these days, especially with its built in advertising stats.
  • Buffer App* – This links in to the Buffer service mentioned in the online tools below. I prefer using the web interface, however this is great for adding scheduled content you discover via mobile and checking whats next and the stats on things that have just gone out.
  • TakeOff* – If you prefer to manually Tweet then you can draft updates and then use this app to identify the best times based on your follower activity. You'll get a notification when it's time and you can manually push your pre-written tweets through. It also has a suggested hashtag feature built in and the ability to link with Instagram too.

Desktop Twitter Software

  • TweetDeck – This used to be a powerhouse for social media management across networks, and then Twitter bought it… Whilst it felt a lot more powerful before the acquisition, the tool is now squarely focused on Twitter and this allows you to have a focused view across multiple accounts and track various hashtags with desktop notifications, all for free.

Online Twitter Tools

  • Buffer – Simple yet powerful Tweet (& other social network update) queue that allows you to post many updates which go out at set intervals.
    • Bulk Buffer – If you use Buffer to schedule your tweets you can use this tool to upload tweets in bulk via CSV files.
  • Canva – Create beautiful viral images for Twitter and other social networks without having to hire a designer.
  • Hootsuite – Manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard with built in scheduling and monitoring tools. This is really powerful if you have to manage and track lots of accounts but I find simpler tools like Buffer and TweetDeck much more enjoyable to use.
  • Post Planner* – I believe this began as a Facebook tool but it now lets you post to Twitter as well. It's an account manager and scheduler with a twist. It actually suggests viral content and fillin the blank statuses for you to share. If you often find yourself stuggling for what to say, this could be the tool to take your tweeting up a notch.
  • Share Link Generator – Create links with pre-written status updades for Twitter and other social networks.
  • Tweriod – This tool helps you to maximise your reach by analyzing your followers and identifying the best times to Tweet based on your account data.
  • TwitterCounter – A free tool to track your follower/following growth over time. There are also some cost effective subscriptions for deeper insights on your account.

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

  • CoSchedule* – An editorial calendar plugin for WordPress that lets you plan your content and related social media updates in advance. This is great for keeping to schedule and making sure you follow your own planned sharing schedule if you run a tight operation and are always writing several posts ahead.
  • Click To TweetBetter Click To Tweet – Both of these plugins are for WordPress and allow you to easily create “Click to Tweet” inside your content that encourages sharing. Currently using the latter on this site.
  • JetPack (Publicize & Sharing Module) – This is a super-plugin for WordPress with lots of varied functionality built in. Publicize allows you to automatically share new content you post to your social media accounts.
  • JM Twitter Cards – This is the most powerful Twitter Card integration plugin for WordPress and covers every card type that you might need to integrate with your website.
  • Twitter – This is the official plugin for Twitter. It does a bit of everything but doesn't give as many customisation options as other single focused plugins.

This page will be updated constantly as I try new things so make sure you check back in every now and then :)

To provide full transparency, please note all links with an asterisk *”next to them are affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking them.

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