How to Build An Email Marketing List From Within The Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook can be a powerful tool for building an audience online and a recent update may have just bought things back to the “Good Ol' Days”. If you had a Facebook page several years ago you probably remember when you could drive ads straight to a newsletter subscription on your app on your page. It went something like this…

User Clicks on Ad > Like to Reveal Hidden Content > Optin To Receive Bonus > Bonus Offer

The funnel was great because it worked. And because it worked everyone was doing it. In fact if you added a bonus sales offer on the end many campaigns would practically pay for themselves. There are still old pages with thousands of likes and subscribers from the glory days. But unfortunately after some timeline changes it stopped working and uddenly you could no longer send people to these app pages.

But by all accounts it looks like the glory days may be coming back!

Recently Facebook quietly announced a new Ad Type called Facebook Lead Ads that lets you collect optins straight from the newsfeed. When people see content in their feed they can once again; Like your page and optin to your list. However as Facebook only integrate with enterprise level solutions, the rest of us are left with excel exports and a missing ability to automatically send these contacts an email (which can be key for instant bonus offers).

Connect Leads for Facebook

That is where Connect Leads comes in… It is a powerful tool that takes your funnel through that last mile. It gets the leads from Facebook and automatically links them into your email provider so you can immediately start presenting bonus offers and essentially making your Facebook Ads campaigns pay for themselves. Not to mention the fact that it can save your time where you would have to manually import contacts from the lead ads. You simply need to link your ads campaigns to the Connect Leads tool and it actually does all the hard work for you.

Note: For a limited time the team behind Connect Leads are offering an exclusive Lifetime Offer rather than monthly, so you pay once and you have the tool for life. This is definitely my preference as there are already so many things you have to pay for monthly. If you're using Facebook Lead Ads, or think you might soon, then I'd definitely recommend that you pick this up now.

You can find all the details on the Connect Leads tool and earlybird offer here.

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  1. It was an excellent article. Building your own list is, without a doubt, a very efficient method. I’m now experimenting with a free program and am satisfied for the time being.

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