Today LinkedIn announced Twitter integration between user profiles and Twitter feeds. Not only will you be able to make your Twitter account visible on your profile you will now be able to share your Tweets on LinkedIn profile. It has long been established that LinkedIn is the dominant Social Network for professionals. The focus on LinkedIn is to create a professional profile that introduces not only your educational background but also your work experience and allows you to network with others in your field.

Whilst Twitter is not specifically designed for business, more and more companies are beginning to see the value that this micro-blogging platform offers and are creating profiles for individuals on the team and even for the brand itself. When you consider that Twitter will have more than 18 million users by the end of 2009 it would be silly to ignore.

There are two main methods to add your tweet's and I've added a quick video introduction below. You can choose which method you'd like when activating your Twitter account through LinkedIn. The first method will simply catch all of your Tweets and automatically add them to your profile page. The second method is a little more sophisticated in that it allows you to select which Tweets are published by inluding a simple hashtag (#in).

Whilst this news is certainly nothing ground breaking; it's definitely something worth paying attention to. Social media has been hailed by some as the top marketing tactic of 2009 followed closely by eNewsletters and blogs so any integration and extra exposure that you can gain via this medium will be important for both you and your business.

You can find the author of this article, Daniel McClure, on Twitter Here.

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