The Death of Forced Continuity

If you've been involved in interner marketing for any amount of time it's likely that you've come across one or more of these offers. Their distinctive features are usually a free or low cost package which is then automatically enrolled into a monthly subscription. In essence there is nothing wrong with this marketing practice however many unscrupulous marketers have been trying to disguise the fact that you will be automatically billed in many ways whether it's confusing statements or contract details being hidden on another page.

Rather than deal with the constant barrage of complaints and chargebacks that these deceptive sites have been generating both Visa and Mastercard have now put the wheels in motion to shut down sites that employ these marketing strategies. As you can imagine this is causing quite a stir amongst the internet marketing industry and not only with the ‘bad eggs'. This is a blanket movement that will also have an effect on those who are ethically using this strategy so you will want to keep up to date on exactly what this means for you and your business.

Ryan Lee is an expert in the field of continuity programs and has recently posted to his blog one of the most detailed reports explaining the death of forced continuity that I've seen. If you use forced continuity or free trials within your business you will want head on over to find out more.

Overall I think this will have a positive impact and reduce the amount of deceptive offers that you find online but there is no doubt that this will have a knock on effect for many honest business owners as well. What are your thoughts on the issue? And if you currently run one of these types of offers, where do you see things going from here? Feel free to leave your comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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