YouTube Google Hack: How to Rank #1 on Google for Any YouTube Video in Just 3 Days

YouTube Google Hack ReportIf you've been involved in the internet marketing world for any length of time there is a pretty good chance that this report has already found it's way into your inbox. The report I'm talking about of course is the “YouTube Google Hack” from Digital Marketer, an internet marketing membership from Ryan Deiss.

Ryan is recognised as one of the leading digital marketers today. He is the CEO of Digital Marketer and owns several multi-million companies across the globe. He is a well-known coach, innovator, and speaker on marketing business strategies. One of his creations is the Ryan Deiss Digital Marketer lab, a premier online community for marketing professionals.

That's why it wasn't unlikely that every man and his dog had been mailing their lists with this Ryan Deiss YouTube Google Hack course. I tend to stay away from guru style products these days but as it was only $7 I figured I would take a peek…

The result… It's a well rounded short report which, unlike the name suggests, isn't so much of a hack but solid video marketing advice. The report starts out with a brief state of affairs which sets the scene but won't hurt to skip over. However it quickly shifts pace with an introduction to the style your videos should be made in and the elements included various types of video.

Moving forward the report discusses various tools you can use to actually create compelling videos including services such as Prezi (One that I've really been meaning to get up to speed with!). Ryan also shares the site that he uses to get doodle videos (a lot more impressive than they sound…), it's if you're wondering ;)

And finally he jumps headfirst into the stuff I'd bought the report hoping to find. He shares a few on site optimization tricks for YouTube such as Video Title Stacking, something I'd always suspected but never confirmed and a really interesting use of Fiverr for getting your videos ranked in no time at all.

Whilst the YouTube Google Hacks report was in no way comprehensive at about 13 pages (not including cover etc) it does go over the basics of everything you need to start marketing with Google and packs a punch with a few tips and tricks that even advanced video marketers can start adding to their arsenal. If you market your business with video online then I can recommend this as a great, if not comprehensive, resource for raising the bar with YouTube marketing and setting up your videos and channels for real online business.

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