These days it seems almost everyone has an iPhone or Android based smartphone and if you consider yourself a modern entrepreneur, there is an even higher chance that you are already using one. This post has been put together to share some of the best cross-platform/cloud apps for entrepreneurs to keep your business organised.

There are of course thousands of apps available on all of the various app stores but the apps featured here are the ones that can really make a difference to your productivity when running your business on the go. Every app has been chosen based on a solid cross-platform cloud offering and is available across iOS for iPhone, Google Play Store for Android, and also offer a web interface at the very least.

Seven Apps For Highly Effective Entrepreneurs


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If you work with any frequency online you will find yourself building up quite the collection of different passwords for different services, or worse using just one password so you don't forget them. 1Password can save hundreds or even thousands of unique logins under a single secured password and is the software that I personally use and would recommend. It is optimised and works well with both Mac & Windows (unlike other big players in this market). You can pair the app with Dropbox and automatically have all of your passwords synced across your mobile and desktop devices in seconds.

1Password may sound like a simple concept but it means there are no more sticky situations where you find yourself locked out of your site whilst you're away for a weekend, or worrying about changing 100s of passwords when your favourite social media company gets hacked. Just create a unique secure password for each and every account you own and you only need to remember one!

Evernote Evernote

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Notes. We all make them. Many of us lose or forget where we put them. Evernote acts as your second brain so that any time you need to note something down, save an article for later, record a quick personal message or archive almost anything for future reference, you just tag it and drop it into one of your Evernote notebooks. You can save audios, images, text & written notes and manage everything with a simple yet powerful tagging/notebook(category) style organisation system. It can take a little while of using it before you finally connect the dots but once you do you will never want to use another notes application again.

Dropbox Dropbox

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This is personal cloud computing at its finest so far. You can save, edit, and work from documents in your Dropbox folder exactly as if it were a normal drive on your computer and everything automatically syncs with your cloud account so you access it anywhere. There are Dropbox applications for just about any device and there is even a web interface that allows for sharing. My business pretty much lives inside of Dropbox so no matter where I am or what equipment I have at my disposal I can always get access to my most important files!

Google Drive Google Drive

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This is considered by some as a competitor to Dropbox but in fact I see them quite differently. Whilst Dropbox is focused on making the files you use available to you in as many places as possible, Google Drive along with Google Docs acts as a portable Office Suite with cloud storage. You can work directly from your browser and collaborate on documents around the globe and save everything to your Google Drive. Once your project is finalised it's a breeze to export it to a standardised format, save it elsewhere, share it with the world, or just forward it on.

Hootsuite Hootsuite

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If you manage more than a few social media accounts you are going to want to use Hootsuite. With a full featured web based app and multiple native apps you can easily Tweet your latest news, update your Business Page's Facebook status, and post to Google+ in just a few clicks (or taps of your mobile!). It may not be the most beautiful social media client but it gets the job done and is packed full of features above and beyond your average social tool.

Remember The Milk Remember The Milk

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If you overlook the slightly mainstream name what you'll find is a powerful Task List manager that you can use to keep yourself organised through your browser, mobile, or tablet. It offers both lists and tagging to ensure that you can narrow things down to the most important tasks at any one time and offers power features such as recurring events, scheduling, and prioritising. It's simple, it's clean, and it works.

Skype Skype

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Where would any list of apps for entrepreneurs be without a feature for Skype. Love it or hate it, it's still one of the most widely used VOIP (Voice over IP) solutions for business owners and with a built in instant messaging system as well, you can contact your clients and connect with business partners for free (or a couple of cents) from pretty much anywhere around the world. This can be especially powerful for nomadic and remote workers!

So there you have it my personal pick of the top seven apps for highly effective modern entrepreneurs. I personally use all of these apps on a daily business and they have all saved me on many occaisions. Working with these seven core apps can give you a distinct advantage in the productivity war but what you do from there is all up to you!

I'd love to hear if you agree with these choices. Are there any apps you think I've missed out or something that you use on a daily basis. Let me know on any of my social media accounts or leave a comment below…

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