Membership Site Training Membership Sites have long been considered the ultimate information marketing business model. You create a core product once – You run a promotion once – You get a subscriber once – You get paid every single month. When seen like that it can be a pretty attractive offering but of course we all know it's never that simple.

When you actually make the decision to start a membership site you have to get to grips with the membership software, then learn how to market your product, and then learn how to actually keep your members. It can be a pretty intense process and large learning curve if you're new to information marketing. Luckily although there is a lot to know, it doesn't mean it has to be hard…

Ever since founding The Modern Entrepreneur in 2009 one of our core offerings has been providing membership site development and consultancy services behind the scenes and I've personally seen how sticky it can get at times as well as how much of a difference a success can make. You've no doubt heard people say that you just need one product, one great idea and then you can reach success, but what if instead you had thousands of members paying you a monthly fee for access to your website or product, that is a real business presence with real value.

I've long been a fan of using WordPress as the basis for membership sites and there are some pretty heavy duty tools to get the job done these days. Many of which I discuss in detail on the Membership Maximizer course. Whilst you will almost certainly want to use a robust membership solution for a launch designed to attract thousands, there are also ways of setting up much simpler membership sites using WordPress for free with fairly basic tools.

In an effort to completely remove any excuses for getting started with membership sites I set myself the challenge of creating a system that would allow anyone to create a membership site for free, regardless of their skill level. The result was a simple yet effective membership setup that can easily be upgraded to the more powerful membership systems when you want to take your membership to the next level. I created the following infographic to show how it's all possible.

Free Membership Site Infographic

Overall it's a fairly simple process to create basic membership sites for free, without even paying hosting, and as long as you follow the steps you could get the whole thing up and running in less than an hour. Whilst it's a simple process if you want to get started with a full step-by-step guide then you can check out the full video course in our new membership training. The Membership Maximizer training is the first product offering we've launched through The Modern Entrepreneur that goes into detail about exactly how to set up a membership, whether you are using entirely free tools, or want to go with the best WordPress membership software. Access the whole training and get your new membership site online this week here.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Membership Sites For Free & More…”

  1. You do not start sites FOR free any more than you would FOR expensive.

    You start sites free.

    Free is an adjective or an adverb and does not require the use of a preposition.

    Grammar. . . .it matters!

  2. Great but I don’t trust putting my videos on youtube… even unlisted.
    Too many people complaining about stolen content.
    Any good alternatives?

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