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In this post we are going to take a look at Mixergy. It is hands down one of the most well known membership sites for entrepreneurs of any discipline as Andrew attracts such a wide variety of experts. It’s a freemium membership site for entreprenuers that offers interviews and premium startup training courses for $25 per month.

Andrew WarnerFounder Spotlight: Andrew Warner

Mixergy is owned and run by Andrew Warner. He co-founded a business that reached $30+ million in annual sales before moving into the online membership site business to delve into how other entrepreneurs were gaining their success.

Membership Strategies in Use

Expert Content
One of the keys to the success of this site is that when you register you are not just getting access to one persons perspective but quite literally hundreds of successful entrepreneurs from around the globe. Each entrepreneur then has their own network to which they will promote their interview which can lead to even more traffic and subscriptions to Mixergy.

Expring Content
All interviews start out as free which can help to bring in new members to the site and after a set period they are locked to premium members only. Premium subscribers get access to the full vault.

Tiered Content
There are two main types of content inside the site; interviews and courses. Whilst you can initially access interviews for free the courses are have a set structure and are always considered premium content. This allows for a more defined and genuine distinction between the the free and premium product offering.

Software Spotlight

The list below shares some of the key software and solutions in place on the Mixergy site.
You can click on any item to find out more.

Last Words…

It would be very difficult for a newcomer to replicate the depth of knowledge & amount of access this site gets to entrepreneurs. However if you can access a large network of contacts in another industry or a certain niche this can be an extremely powerful way to leverage others expertise to create a successful membership site.

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