OptimizePress Review: Internet Marketing Theme for WordPress

OptimizePress is very different from your traditional WordPress theme and it was the first theme that really understood what Internet Marketers were looking for in a theme and bundled it all into one useful package. When you buy OptimizePress you are not only getting a very customisable theme with tons of settings on the backend, you are also getting a whole ton of extra functionality built in such as exit popups, video players, optin-forms, lead generation pages, sales page templates, SEO functionality, perpetual launches and split testing.

The OptimizePress Internet Marketing Theme

OptimizePress OptimizePress is the gold standard for internet marketing themes. What this means is you will get almost everything you need built in without using plugins but the downside is there are going to be thousands of sites with a very similar layout unless you spend a lot of time customising it. The other downside to using this theme is if you ever decide to change your theme further down the line you will lose a lot of the functionality that you will have grown accustomed to and will likely need to find premium plugins to replace them. With that said, OptimizePress is still one of the most powerful internet marketing themes & there is a reason that this is one of the most popular themes for business owners. It also has a ton of unique layouts designed especially for membership sites which means it is definitely still worth the investment. Click here to view the OptimizePress theme site!

Example Layouts Using OptimizePress

OptimizePress Examples

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