LeadPlayer – Using Videos to Build Your List

YouTube is a powerful force for video marketing and is definitely the dominant player for creating viral videos with unknown video creators managing to reach millions of viewers seemingly overnight and LeadPlayer takes that to next level.

LeadPlayer for YouTube by LeadBrite & Clay Collins When you consider the potential reach of YouTube and the fact that you can host your video completely free of charge it might almost seem perfect. However there is one factor that has stopped many businesses from truly embracing YouTube as a video host and that is leakage.

In the same way that people can easily discover your videos, they can just as easily click onto related videos directly from the final screen of your videos, even if they are embedded on your own site. For a simple blog video this could be annoying but for a sales video it could be disasterous to your results.

LeadPlayer addresses this issue by embedding your YouTube videos in it’s own custom video player whilst adding a whole host of advanced functionality to take your YouTube marketing to the next level.

With LeadPlayer you can embed opt-in forms to your videos to grow your email list and even set a timer so that a sales button appears on a web page at exactly the point your video is promoting your product. This technique has been used by video marketers for a long time and this plugin makes it as easy as setting the timer and dropping in your button code.

You can find out more and try the LeadPlayer demo here!

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