Headway was the first of its kind in the Drag & Drop WordPress theme market and has had a long time to develop an active community around the platform.

Headway Theme - Drag & Drop WordPress Designer

What Exactly is Drag & Drop Design?

Headway works differently from most themes in that it gives you a very basic starting block and allows you to create your own designs. These can be different for pretty much every type of page that you get with WordPress and really allows you to create a unique personality and appearance for your membership site. To create your unique layouts you simply select the page type you want to edit; for example you could choose the category page, and you quite literally drag and drop content areas, header sections, widgets, blocks and whatever you need into the area where they should appear on your live membership site.

Headway Theme & Blocks

As well as offering easy customisation of your layouts without any coding required there are also many “Blocks” available from the theme creators and the community that allow you to extend your site even further. Once a Block is installed you use it as if it were a building block for your site and simply drag it using the editor to wherever it is needed. This allows you to add quite complex functionality without requiring expensive development or attempting to integrate complex plugins in standard widget areas.

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Great Blocks Available for Headway

Storefront for WooCommerce
Storefront for WooCommerce

Community Builder for BuddyPress Empower Your Membership with BuddyPress
Community Builder for BuddyPress

Headway Pin Board Display Your Content in a Pinterest Style Layout
Headway Pin Board

Headway Features Block Create Powerful Sales Pages & Descriptions
Headway Features Block

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1 thought on “Headway Theme Review: Drag & Drop Design for WordPress”

  1. This Drag and Drop design really helps out people who are not really into the field of web design. Maybe they just want to make a blog for a business and want to design it themselves. Maybe because of lack of budget or they just really want to be hands-on in everything that is going on with their business. I really recommend this. I also recommend the Divi Builder plugin. It’s premium though but it’s easy to understand as well.

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