Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are becoming the new normal and soon mobile traffic is set to overtake the number of desktop visitors on the web. Unfortunately for many website owners this means your site is going to be completely ill equipped to deal with the mobile demand.

Traditional WordPress themes look great on the web but when you shrink everything down to the size of your average mobile device things can quickly fall apart and become unusable. This has led to many websites switching to new “Responsive” designs that adapt their sizing and layout dependent on the size of the device. Whilst responsive designs look great they are often very time consuming and expensive to create, especially if you have your own custom design that you would like to maintain.

Enter WPtouch Pro…

WPtouch Pro - Mobile Theme Plugin for WordPressNot quite a responsive design and not quite a mobile theme; WPtouch Pro is a plugin that automatically adapts your WordPress powered membership site into an easy to read app style design when users visit your site from a mobile. Everything is laid out in a clean and readable setup that can easily be adapted with the plugins extensive admin settings.

Not only this but with the pro version you can customise your site for both smartphones and tablets, add mobile advertising that won’t appear at all on your desktop site and create highly customised and exclusive menus for the mobile version of your site.

If you’re not ready, or don’t want your site to go fully responsive, then this plugin is the ultimate mobile solution for WordPress.

You can find out more about WPtouch Pro here!

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