10 Powerful Pinterest Marketing Tips & Tools #Infographic

Pinterest is now one of the top 10 largest social networks boasting well over 11.7 million unique users and has been seen to drive more traffic than industry giants; LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

The interesting thing about Pinterest from a marketers perspective is that most of its users are younger affluent females which is typically a harder market to target. It's also a very visual platform which requires a very different approach compared to more text and link based social bookmarking sites such as Twitter and Reddit.

I've personally been using the site for a while and after researching what tools and strategies other professional marketers were using for Pinterest I created this infographic showcasing 10 powerful Pinterest Marketing Tips & Tools you can put to use in your business…  

The Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest Marketing Tools Infographic

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3 thoughts on “10 Powerful Pinterest Marketing Tips & Tools #Infographic”

  1. Awesome info-graphic danny! I saw a pintrest wordpress theme the other day as well what was great so i bought it and was having a mess around with that! I think the integration with facebook is such a great idea. Cheers man!

  2. No worries, I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen the theme you mentioned too. Although I’ve not actually taken it for a test run, it looks pretty good if you are creating a very visual site.

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