Today I'm going to recommend the popular password manager RoboForm. I actually use this software daily and even made an order of Roboform2GO which is the portable edition you can use on any Windows PC. To coincide with this addition to the downloads section, I thought I'd share a few of the ways that this software saves me literally hours every week.

Roboform USB Key
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So for anyone that isn't exactly sure what a password manager does, it keeps a record of all your passwords and stores them all under a single encrypted password of your choice. Whenever you visit a website that you are registered with it will automatically enter your login details. This not only saves you the hassle of writing the same login details in time and time again but also means that you can choose multiple unqiue passwords for your different sites that are far more secure than you would ever have remembered yourself.

Roboform offers a range of features including the aforementioned management, secure password generation, secure bookmarks and even automated form filling. Apart from the obvious there are a couple of uncommon automation techniques that I' ve come to use with Roboform which have undoubtedly saved me hours.

Never Fill out Another Form Again

I'm going to make a guess that you, like me, hate filling in long boring forms… Even more so when half the questions just seem irrelevant and designed to just annoy you. Well you can fill out as much or as little of your personal details as you desire to store in RoboForm's secure internal database. The next time you find yourself at one of those forms that would usually bring tears to your eyes, one simple click and 90% of the details will be automatically filled out on your behalf.

As if it wasn't enough having your contact details filled out automatically, it's even possible to configure RoboForm to fill out non standard questions as well and automatically tick  boxes that come up all the time. This one feature alone has turned form filling, from being the ultimate energy sap, to an enjoyable experience. To this day I still get a quiet satisfaction from filling out an epic form with a single click of a button!

Freelance Job Proposals in Just a Few Clicks

As you may already know, further to running my own websites, I'm also a blog developer. I quite enjoy the experience of helping others develop their own online ventures. However as any freelancer will probably tell you it's not all glitz and glamor, the less attractive part of this whole process can often be the endless job proposals that have to be created when seeking work on sites like Elance.

Often when creating your proposal there will be some standard information that you share will all of your clients, perhaps a little background information or your contact details. After a little while of typing in this information over and over again, I realised the opportunity that I'd been missing out on…

You see RoboForm offers the opportunity to store secure notes in your toolbar. What if you could take the standard information that you share frequently and paste it into one of your secure notes? This is exactly what I did, so that now every time I fill out a proposal I can click my browsers toolbar and copy the standard information directly into the proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you want to lose opportunities and upset your clients, it's important that you do actually read the full proposal and add details specific to their request. Whilst technically it's possible to create a generic proposal that is exactly the same for every client, it certainly won't do your business any favours and my guess is that many people will automatically decline your bid.

Sounds Great, So How Do I Get Started?

Far be it from me to disappoint; Just head on over to the free download page to get your copy of the free edition. If you are interested in learning more about Roboform2GO which brings the software to a USB key-chain allowing you to use it across multiple computers then you might want to head on over to the official website where they can share more information on the various options than I ever will.

As always full disclosure, I am an affiliate for the software but I would recommend it's use regardless. Even if you don't choose Roboform in particular you will want something of this nature as part of your daily software setup. It just makes sense.

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