Search Engine Optimisation is a rapidly evolving field at the best of times however Google has really been shaking things up over the past couple of years. Google Panda (February 2011) and Google Penguin (April 2012) are both code names for a change to Google's search results ranking algorithm that decides exactly where your site should rank within a search. At the time of publishing it is exactly two years since Panda first hit and thousands of websites found their websites rank altered and finally businesses and SEO agencies are starting to realise that these changes are not going to simply disappear.

The truth is that if you want to play the SEO game today you are going to have to do things a lot differently to how they have been done in the past. To provide some insight on what it takes for successful search engine optimisation I present to you an infographic that covers some of the most important shifts that you need to be aware of to rank well in 2013…

The New Face of SEO Post Panda & Penguin

Courtesy of: Fuzz One Media

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