If you've heard about all the changes to Facebook pages there is a good chance that you're already starting to think about making some changes to the way you run your fan page, maybe you even bought our recent Facebook Timeline Pages for Business course. One of the biggest changes that is affecting business owners is the fact that you can no longer create default landing pages for general traffic, this means you have to make these types of pages even more compelling and appealing than before.

Personally I manage quite a few pages for myself, my clients and several other brands I work with so it's been an interesting process going through the changes from different perspectives. During the transition I've been trying out all sorts of tools including plugins, custom coded apps and web based systems to manage my fan pages so I can make a judgement for what's best and what is best for my business. However whilst I'm still playing with a couple of them I figured I should let you know that one of the systems in my shortlist is having a huge sale today!

Five Minute Fan Pages

Five Minute Fan Pages is a web based system to create and design professional looking Facebook Fan Pages and app pages. It's built on the Pagemodo system which has been featured everywhere from Tech Crunch though to Inc. magazine and takes a chunk of the work out of setting up your pages. It usually costs $97 up front and then $25 a month but when you order today you can get the entire system for just $1. After that you simply pay the $24.95 a month to maintain your pages which is a massive saving compared to the $1,000 a month I was recently quoted for a similar system!

You will also get a ton of extra training free from Brian Moran, creator of Get 10,000 Fans. As you can imagine from the name of his business and the fact his page now boasts 186,000+ fans you can definitely do a lot worse than adding his ideas to your fan pages. So if you want to get finally get started with Facebook landing pages on the new Facebook Timeline layout or even if you just want to bulk up your Facebook landing pages you can try the entire Five Minute Fan Page System for just $1 here.

Please Note: Discount is applied when you add to cart. I maintain an affiliate relationship the software provider mentioned in this post however I am also a fully paid customer of theirs and have not been approached by the company to write this article.

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