Business & Entrepreneurship can be an exciting path and the barriers to entry are lower than ever before. With a tiny amount of startup capital or even just your first committed customer, you can seemingly create born global companies in a matter of minutes.

But of course business isn’t always simple. There is a lot you have to learn and some scary statistics floating around about the number of businesses that fail within the first few years.

In this section we cover the things such as finance and the regulations that you should be paying attention to if you want to avoid becoming just another statistic in the world of business. We also explore emerging trends such as remote work, digital nomadism and the rise of lifestyle businesses.

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The EU E-Privacy Directive: Where It’s At Now

The EU E-Privacy directive was originally introduced in 2009 with a deadline for transition into law by the member states in May 2011. As things currently stand eight member states including; Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania and Slovenia have not even transposed the directive into laws however 19 others have and here in the …

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Freemium: The Online Business Model of The Future

As technology has evolved the cost of providing many products and services has fallen to practically zero leading to the dawn of the Freemium era. Forward thinking companies have embraced a business model that we’ve come to know as Freemium. The model combines two different words and ideologies; free and premium, bringing them together to create …

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Create Your Own Reality

Entrepreneurial Rule #1 – Create Your Own Reality

Everywhere you look at the moment you are bombarded with talk about the struggling economy, raising unemployment levels and apparently even the world will be ending soon (Google ‘Mayan 2012′ for “proof”). Not exactly the best time to be growing your business right? Hmm, but what if you could create your own reality? Allow me …

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