Create Your Own Reality

Everywhere you look at the moment you are bombarded with talk about the struggling economy, raising unemployment levels and apparently even the world will be ending soon (Google ‘Mayan 2012' for “proof”). Not exactly the best time to be growing your business right? Hmm, but what if you could create your own reality? Allow me to continue…

One of the things we learn as we grow is that is never a perfect time for anything. There will always be a reason not to do something just as much as there will be a reason for. The only difference between holding back and just going for something are the ideas that you place weight on. When you believe a situation is impossible your brain will actively seek to prove you right. Nobody I know likes to be proved wrong and your brain is no different.

A little too much psychology for a first post? Perhaps, but I believe it's a necessary. Any entrepreneurs journey is bound to be littered with people telling you what can and can't be done. Good advice is great as long as you take it for what it is, somebodies opinion! Not only are you going to have to pay attention to what it is that people tell you, but who they are and their motivations for sharing their ideas. I'll give you an example…

Q: When you see the Doom & Gloom in the papers are they trying to provide a motivational public service?

A: No, they are trying to sell papers. It's like people slowing down to watch a car crash, people have a morbid curiosity to disaster and therefore are likely to buy papers when there is a tragedy of some sort. Whether it is real or not, is not the point right now but the reason they have for sharing it.

I'm not going to get into the state of the economy because apart from the fact I'm not qualified to discuss it, I really don't think it matters. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not denying that there are huge issues right now, I've been challenged myself but the fact of the matter is, we are presented with a situation and we have a choice on how we can handle it.

  1. You focus on the negative – You read the papers, watch the news and generally sit around feeling sorry for yourself as you know before you even leave the house it's not going to work out.
  2. You focus on the positive – You decide that what's going on really doesn't change who you are one bit and in turn continue to reach for your goals and ultimately follow your dreams.

If you step away from the traditional media sources you'll actually find that many business experts are actively encouraging this moment as one of the best to grow or start your venture. Highly talented individuals are in excessive supply and if you can create a profitable business without a ton of venture capital you are likely to have less fat around the edges in your business and will be better equipped to survive hard times and market effectively.

You really have to make the decision for yourself about whether you are happy to sit around and watch the world pass you, constantly blaming ‘whatever flavour of the week‘ for your situation. If you are not content with that then you need to take charge and realise that everything you are today is because of everything you were yesterday.

The things you; focus on, believe in, ideas you have, goals you set, people you meet, events you go to, opportunities you take are all constantly creating your future. By simply taking control of where you place your focus you are literally creating your reality for a better tomorrow.

It's so empowering when you finally realise that you are in control, you need to take that feeling and nurture it, constantly taking action until you become an unstoppable force and barely even notice the negatives challenges that you encounter.

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