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Whilst it's not often you could say a Hollywood celebrity might just be the positive spokesman for entrepreneurship to the modern generation, however it seems like Ashton Kutcher may have just pulled it off. He recently won a Teen Choice 2013 award and rather than roll into a list of “thank you”s he launched into a five-minute speech that took the audience and public by surprise. Talking of opportunity looking like a lot of hard work, smart being sexy and living a life you build his speech sounded a lot like the voice of many modern entrepreneurs.

He recently spent a long time studying for the role of Steve Jobs in Jobs and some might say that it rubbed off on him. Whether you take his speech as sincerity or a cynical marketing ploy to reach out to the audience of the movie, it's hard to fault his message to a celebrity-inspired generation that often seems to be lacking role-models with substance. I for one hope that he continues to share that vision, if even one young person takes it to heart and manages to break from a negative world view it will have been worth it.

Respect to Ashton Kutcher and the next generation of entrepreneurs and world changers!

Watch Ashton Kutcher's Teen Choice Awards 2013 Speech

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  1. Just changed my mind about Chris Kutcher. Wonderful speech! The youth of America needs to hear more talk like this daily!

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