Ninja Affiliate Link Management + Christmas WordPress Promotion

If you work or run a business online there is a pretty good chance that affiliate marketing makes up a percentage of your business activities no matter how small or large that percentage may be. And undoubtedly if you've ever shared more than a few affiliate links, you know how hard it can be to manage the process without the right tools.

Several years ago I uncovered a link management tool that would completely change the way I ran my affiliate marketing campaigns. Ive written about this tool before on the blog, it was called GoTryThis, however one of the downsides was that it was a monthly subscription service. There is nothing wrong with that of course, especially when some of the systems need to be hosted but after a while I felt like I needed greater control over my affiliate links. With a subscription system there is usually an element of lock in and I didn't want all of my hard work to go to waste months or even years down the line if I decided to change systems.

Luckily I saw this early on and began my search, I used a few basic systems like redirect pages from the Thesis Theme and the Redirection WordPress plugin however none of them were even close to the central dashboard that GoTryThis offered. I was wondering if I would ever get anything that compared when luckily I stumbled across a plugin called Ninja Affiliate from MaxBlogPress.

The Ninja Affiliate plugin allows you to store all of your affiliate links in one central dashboard and link to all of the products you are promoting from your own domain. If you install the plugin to a short domain name it can even act as your own short link service when linking to any URL on the web.

The built in central tracking dashboard lets you know exactly how many times each of your links has been clicked and also the sites that people are actually clicking on them from which is great for working out which activities and channels to focus on.

I've been using the plugin for several years now and it's been a central part of my online marketing efforts. I would highly recommend the plugin to anyone that runs affiliate promotions online or wants to host their own link shortening service. You can check out the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate WordPress plugin here.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin Christmas Promotion

The team over at MaxBlogPress have clearly had one too many Mulled Wines & Mince Pies… For the next 3 days only you can get all four of their best selling plugins including the powerful Ninja Affiliate plugin for almost the price of just one. This is an incredible deal and one I wish I could have taken advantage of if I'd had the chance.

Download The MaxBlogPress Christmas Bundle (Including Ninja Affiliate) Here

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