12 Secrets For Converting Traffic Into Sales

There is no point in getting viewers who simply click through to your site and pass on. This isn't any more productive than window shoppers in the high street, except if you're advertising via PPC you are actually paying for the ‘pleasure'. You make money online when you capture that traffic and convert the “lookers” into “buyers.” Sounds simple, right?


So long as you are prepared to pay attention to the details, it really can be that simple. Here are 12 traffic conversion secrets that even a newcomer to Internet marketing can do:

  1. Refine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What makes your product different, special, better or more desirable? That’s the USP. Now get the answer to that question down to one or two concise sentences.
  2. When writing for sales you need to sound friendly, not slick. Sales copy has to sound like you are simply excited to tell one of your friends about a great buy that you've come across. The last thing that you want to do is sound like a high-pressure infomercial.
  3. Engage your viewers by asking for assistance. When you give viewers a reason to interact with you such as their opinion on a survey or requesting a product rating; you will not only get useful information but you will keep your prospects thinking about your product longer.
  4. Don't overwhelm your viewers. If you there are three different products that you are trying to sell then take the time to create three websites. When you make the mistake of offering too much at once you can confuse your readers into buying nothing at all. The exception to this rule are major retailers, but they already have a brand and a following.
  5. White space is your friend. If you leave wide on your sales page it makes it easier to read. Your potential clients will be able to focus on your your copy without distraction and in turn, you will increase your conversions.
  6. Get people excited about your offering. When your product has a great rating or multiple endorsements from satisfied customers, share it with the world and let them brag about the product for you.
  7. Leave plenty of hooks. When you are designing your sales letter or squeeze page make sure, the more hooks that you leave, the more chance you have of converting. It's better to have too many offers than to leave money on the table when you lose a potential buyer who was just one step away from taking action.
  8. Find problems. Even after your sales page is complete, keep thinking about other problems that your product can solve. You might get a hint of new ways to promote your product by asking buyers how they use the product.
  9. Direct your viewers attention. In addition to white space there will be times when you want to use moderate highlighting. This will bring focus to the most important parts of your copy. Be warned: Too many highlights or excessive colors frustrate online readers.
  10. People love value, so give it to them. After presenting your USP, you can always sweeten the offer by adding more free information, more tools or more services to create a package deal. To increase the effectiveness of this method set a time limit on your offers to create a sense of urgency for the buyer to act.
  11. Ask for the sale. If you are offering your customers value as we've already discussed then you shouldn't feel guilty about asking for the sale. Even somebody who is highly interested in your product may need to be asked up to three times to become a buyer. You can’t ask too many times.
  12. And last but not least, always say “Thank you.” Have a gracious, personal sounding, “Thank you” email with the order confirmation you send out. It doesn't cost a penny to have good manners and show your buyer appreciation!

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  2. Great and thanks for sharing this content with us. I will try this tips on my fizfy website.
    Keep posting.

  3. i have a question that we have applied all those strategies which you have mentioned , can you please guide about ecommerce when the products are same and also cant stretch our prices anymore. our web traffic is 2k per day, but no conversion :(

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