If you want to be the best at something you associate and learn from the best and the world of Internet Marketing is no different. In this post I'm going to introduce you to 10 entrepreneurs that really dominate in their respective fields online. The entrepreneurs that I've chosen for this post have all featured in Michael Dunlop's “Web Domination 20” but more than that, every entrepreneur featured here is somebody that I personally follow online and know to share great marketing advice.

10 Entrepreneurs That Dominate In Their Field


Brian MoranBrian Moran

Known For: Facebook Marketing

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

The creator of Get 10,000 Fans (which is still growing at over 243,089 fans!) and one of the most respected Facebook marketers in the Internet Marketing world. He has released several Facebook Marketing courses for entrepreneurs and from my experience he pretty much knows every feature of Facebook Pages and Facebook Advertising inside out.

Cody McKibbenCody McKibben

Known For: Digital Nomadism

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

Cody is an American living… well… pretty much anywhere, and I've been following his Thrilling Heroics business adventures for years. In more recent times, he has also launched the Digital Nomad Academy teaching others to run their business from anywhere around the globe.

David RisleyDavid Risley

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

Known For: Email Marketing

With over 14 years of experience as an Internet Marketer, David is known for a lot more than Email Marketing in reality and shares his knowledge through his Blog Marketing Academy site. He is straight talking and always offers solid advice.

James SchramkoJames Schramko

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

Known For: Affiliate Marketing

Based in Syndey Australia, James has managed to build multiple businesses as well as making a considerable affiliate income through his network of sites.

Josh BartlettJosh Bartlett

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

Known For: Software Creation & Launch

Without a doubt he is best known for his video marketing software, Easy Video Player. However I met him personally and his marketing insight and authenticity really shone through, he is definitely one to watch and I expect to see a lot more from him in the near future.

Matt WolfeMatt Wolfe

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

Known For: Managing a Membership

Creator of several successful membership sites and business blogs; Matt not only knows WordPress inside out but also puts his knowledge to use for his business ventures.

Michael DunlopMichael Dunlop

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

Known For: Website Monetization

Creator of the Popup Domination plugin and owner of several successful blogs. Michael also has an ability to connect with the top people in any field and draw out some amazing information which he has used to great success on both his blogs and his new Web Domination 20 website.

Neil PatelNeil Patel

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Known For: Internet Entrepreneurship

Neil Patel is a serial entrepreneur and is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. He shares priceless advice on marketing, SEO, and knowing your audience.

Ryan LeeRyan Lee

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

Known For: Continuity Income

If there is someone who knows when to call BS whilst continuing to publish great information and holding himself to the same high standard it is Ryan. As well as coining the term micro-continuity he consistently publishes great advice on generating recurring revenue online.

Yanik SilverYanik Silver

Find Him on: His SiteTwitterFacebook

Known For: Copywriting

Yanik connects with “underground marketers” from huge companies and uses the information he learns to not only empower his own business, but that of countless others through his websites and events. I personally got to meet Yanik at his Underground Online conference in 2011 after winning a scholarship ticket to the event and he comes across as a really genuine marketer.

So there you have it, 10 online entrepreneurs who really do dominate online in their respective fields and have earned my respect. They all feature in the Web Domination 20 which is a new product from Michael Dunlop and based on my opinion and knowledge of the entrepreneurs mentioned above I will definitely be checking out the full product within the next few days.

Regardless of whether you check out Web Domination 20 yourself, I highly recommend that you connect with these entrepreneurs & internet marketers online and check out what they are all up to, you will not regret it!

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