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When starting any business you need to start and end with the customer in mind. There is no point creating a site that people won’t use but once you get them in you also need to make sure that you continue to focus on their satisfaction.Whilst customer support may not be considered the sexiest topic in the world it can really make or break your business. Epic Customer Support I was once told that a happy customer tells 3 people about their experience and an unhappy one tells 10 people. With the advent of social media you can easily multiply that number by the thousands and even millions when things really go viral. Some business owners dread receiving negative feedback but I truly believe you should welcome it. Negative feedback is one of the easiest ways that you can find out exactly what your customers care about and how you can be serving them better. The most important thing you can try and do is listen to your customers. Too many people make best guesses about what someone needs. If you take the time to actually listen to your customers and try to see things from their point of view, your response can often be wildly different and worlds more impactful. One thing that might surprise you is how your biggest critics can often become some of your most vocal supporters when you really go the extra mile. You have to remember these are not random YouTube haters but real customers that bought into the idea of your membership site. It’s already a given that they actually want the results you are offering. Just make sure you’re not letting people down!

What Support Software to Use?

Below I’ve shared three of the best software solutions for managing your support. Use the best system you can but remember it’s your assistance rather than the specific system used that customers care most about!

Zen Desk

Web based customer support software with mobile apps available. Very popular, easy to set up and use with a low starting price of just $20 per year. Find Out More…


This is a WordPress theme that works as a support system. It is simple to use and has no ongoing payments with a one time fee of $100. You will need to host it. Find Out More…

Gravity Forms

When you are just starting out it’s often enough to simply have a contact form for your site. Gravity forms is a WordPress plugin that lets you to make powerful forms starting from $39 for a single site. Find Out More… Recommended for most site owners!

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