Website Blueprints: A Look Behind The Curtain

The Modern Entrepreneur Website BlueprintsSometimes you just want to take a peek behind the scenes to see how things are being done. We get that and that is why we decided to share the “blueprints” to this site; a list of the plugins and tools that we use to make the magic happen. Of course none of this is possible without a solid host at the foundation and we currently use SiteGround as they offer great support, WordPress specific performance enhancements and PCI support for ecommerce sites.

Please bear in mind that we don't necessarily endorse or recommend all of these plugins and there may be better solutions depending on your site. It's also worth pointing out that you definitely don't need this many plugins to make a successful site, we've made much simpler sites that got just as much traffic and revenue, however these are the solutions we have settled on to get this particular site performing.


Page Last Updated July 2017

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