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The Modern Entrepreneur Insiders membership gives you access to all of our premium tools and trainings to help you build and grow a business online.

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Daniel McClure
Founder of The Modern Entrepreneur

This is your chance to get instant access to all of our best marketing courses and guides for just $49. You see previously we sold these courses individually and you would have had to buy each product individually for a lot more however I've decided to bundle everything together, as well as many more guides and tools still to come, in order to build a community of tight-nit entrepreneurs that are focused on growing their business online.

Every business needs to invest in their growth and that doesn't just mean focusing on one thing. Whether you're getting ready to scale up your existing online marketing or it is finally time to design the business you've always wanted to run, you need to have a game plan in place. Rather than splitting your focus across hundreds of different websites and jumping all over the internet trying to join together the various pieces, you can save time, effort, and money by having core collection of resources or a single point of reference that you can refer to at a moments notice.

You will get insider access to tools, training and support to help you succeed online.

With your membership to The Modern Entrepreneur insiders you will instantly get access to training courses and guides that can help you to grow your business and get your head around things as diverse as building your first membership site, marketing with social media and configuring your website for ecommerce. These are just a few of the full video courses that we have brought together so you can start to build out your business the right way.

In fact even if you haven't got a proper plan in place yet, or you've been jumping from project to project, then we can give you the tools to help you start thinking more strategically in your business and craft a plan that will allow you to truly connect with your customers, start marketing with purpose and grow your business month on month. Building a business should be an exciting experience and I'm looking forward to joining you on the journey.

If you've been in business for some time already, you'll know that just because your site is online and you've made your first sales, the game isn't simply over. You can constantly tweak and test variables, set up new revenue streams and build upon your successes to really accelerate things. Even after years in business for ourselves at The Modern Entrepreneur and supporting clients with their businesses, we are constantly tweaking things daily and you can learn from our experiments and taking advantage of key levers as they evolve:

  • Funnel & conversion optimisation to improve conversions and ultimately profit margins
  • Brand and community building to connect with customers on a deeper level
  • Integrating growth hacking and social marketing solutions to improve our reach

But first let me honest with you…

Building a sustainable successful business online isn't easy. Anyone that tells you that is either most likely trying to sell you something or is a little out of touch with the realities of building a business. But even though it's not easy it doesn't mean there aren't simple and repeatable steps and processes that you can follow to make things easier for yourself. If you are prepared to do what it takes you and you have access to the right communities then you can accelerate your learning from other peoples successes and failures making your job that much easier.

My first attempt at building a real business, outside trading cards and sweets at school, were at age 16 on eBay where I sold licensed ebooks and cobbled together some copy and web layouts to start generating a small income every month. Eventually eBays policies changed and they all but banned my first business model. That first experience taught me that you need to know a lot more than just one way of making a sale to keep a business afloat and over time I started taking notice of how other people were doing things.

My next move was to build an affiliate marketing blog that immediately replaced my previous income with half of the work, I got a “real” job in marketing, studied marketing at university and went on to get a contract marketing in a fortune 500 company. Over the years I've built up a broad perspective on what it takes for businesses of all sizes to succeed but my true passion has been in seeing small businesses and entrepreneurs with big ambitions going at it for themselves and finding real success.

The tools and training you'll find get access to as a Modern Entrepreneur Insider are the specific tricks and techniques that you can use to build and grow a business online. No matter whether you are just starting out, if you're already a hero in your community, or you're involved in a fast growing startup, you can take advantage of our tools, training and support to get to the next level!

Here are a couple of examples of the tools and training that you'll get access too…

Business Strategy Dashboard

The most successful online business owners can tell you what is happening in their business at any moments notice at any time. They know who their customers are, not just their name, but deep down, they understand what is driving them. They know how many people are on their email list, and they understand the trends within that same list. They know what content they need to make, when it should be published and somehow seem to time everything perfectly with the industry trends for the moment.

The Business Strategy Dashboard is a spreadsheet based tool that was created by examining the most important factors for building a business online today. After settling on 7 core elements with the biggest potential for impact, including one of the most popular tools used around the world for crafting a business strategy, everything was brought together into a professional business strategy dashboard that allows you to quickly craft, maintain and communicate a business strategy whilst keeping track of your business and marketing planning.

Business Strategy Dashboard With your completed business strategy dashboard you can:

  • Plan & reference your Business Strategy
  • Identify your core audience with user personas
  • Analyse your most profitable revenue streams
  • Document and keep track of your domains
  • Monitor your email marketing growth
  • Plan your content to align with your audience
  • Schedule your marketing to maximise your impact

Membership Maximizer – The Complete Video Guide to Creating Membership Sites

Membership Site Training Building and launching membership sites can be surprisingly simple when you have the right tools and training! I've worked with a variety of successful entrepreneurs to launch their own membership sites and in that time I've seen a lot. From the guy teaching youth football coaches in his spare time, all the way through to the super secret membership work I've done under Non-Disclosure agreements with respected internet marketers on some of their best selling launches.

Membership Maximizer is a complete training solution for creating online paid training and membership sites. In this training you'll learn everything from choosing the right software through to building your first membership site, the types of content you should be creating, marketing your site, and retention strategies to keep the members once they've signed up. You can get access to the full training today, dive straight into the audio and video tutorials and get your first membership site online this week even if you’ve never made a website before!

WP Tutor WordPress Tutorials – 34+ Step By Step WordPress Video Tutorials for Businesses

With WordPress powering almost a quarter of the top websites there is a reason that businesses are flocking to it but that doesn't mean there aren't challenges in getting it set up for online business. For example; did you know that it can take an experienced hacker less than 10 minutes to get into the typical WordPress installation if you don’t set things up the right way?
When you follow the right steps you can create a secure and professional looking website in just a single evening that will promote your business, capture leads and work for your 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Of course once a reader is in your sales funnel you can follow up for days, weeks, months and even years with promotional messages designed to put money in your bank account!

WordPress Tutorials Here are some of the things covered in our WordPress video tutorials:

  • How to register your business domain name so that you get found
  • Get your site hosted online the same day for less than a dollar
  • Set up WordPress with a 5 minute install that won’t get you hacked
  • Properly configure your site for both instant and long term traffic
  • The right way to integrate social media with your site
  • Advanced security and business tools that you won't want to miss!

By joining today you get will not get all of the tools and training courses above, the full collection of Modern Entrepreneur Insider Guides which are constantly being updated based on years of experience, plus many other existing and forthcoming releases to help you grow your business and stay at the top of your game.

Plus you can literally ask me anything….

As a member you will get direct access to a priority email support where you can ask all of your most pressing marketing technology and business questions! With years experience in the game there is a good chance that I can help you out directly and in the case where I don't have direct experience then I can relentlessly tap into my personal network to find smart solutions or the connections that matter to help you to break past any roadblocks!

So is this right for you?

If you're ready to do what it takes to build and grow a real business, or move your marketing up a notch then this is for you. If you were expecting someone to do nothing and wake up a millionaire then I'm afraid that you've come to the wrong place. However if you are prepared to get your hands dirty and want some solid support in getting there then I'd love to welcome you to our community.

You’ll join our community that already includes:

  • WordPress Developers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Authors
  • Consultants
  • Information publishers
  • Local Business Owners
  • Professional Bloggers
  • And More..

You get it all – The Tools, The Training, and The Support for just $49

If you love it then you don't have to do a thing, just remain a member and you will continue at the same monthly price of just $49. In fact I'm so confident that you're going to love being a member of The Modern Entrepreneur Insiders community that there are no monthly restrictions on what you can access, so you could go through pretty much everything on the site and if you still don't absolutely love being a member within your first month, you can cancel immediately and you won't be billed again.

Its a tiny sum compared to the price of even one of our flagship training courses and you will get full unlimited access to everything mentioned above and more. When you get a personalised answer to a question that's been bugging you for weeks or pump out documents in seconds that would have previously taken hours of hard work, you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't join sooner.

Just choose your plan below and I'll see you on the inside!


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Chris Stott
Marketing Strategist • Software Entrepreneur • Property Investor
“Over the last few years I've repeatedly bounced ideas regarding WordPress and Digital Marketing off Daniel. I've also sought he expert advice and numerous occasions and have be impressed with his breadth of knowledge as well as willingness to always help. Highly recommended.”

Kirsty Price
Marketing Manager at The Garage / Campus Aberdeen
“Dan is the online business owners secret weapon when it comes to WordPress! Dan breaks the ‘techy' mould that most web designers and developers have. This is because Dan not only knows how to create beautiful and functional designs, but he knows how to make them convert into sales! If you are looking for a web designer or developer that will give you incredible value, look no further than Dan!”

Benjamin Jaques
Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur
“There are very few people that I trust in the internet marketing space, but Daniel McClure is one of them. I first met Dan when we both won the scholarship for Yanik's Underground Online Seminar and he taught me tons about wordpress and online monetization in just the short time that we spoke with each other. I could instantly tell that he was going to blow up so I kept him close, and blow up he did. I now go to Dan almost daily for advice on my business, especially how to correctly integrate new systems that I'm using and he gets it right every time. On top of that, he releases killer products with are designed to help you leave your competition in the dust, so if you are thinking about buying from Dan but don't, you're making a huge mistake. Keep Dan close and watch your business hit the next level.”


Answers to frequently asked questions

Q.When are subscriptions billed?

A. Subscriptions are billed once on sign up and then once monthly or yearly thereafter depending on the specific plan you chose. You can stop your membership at any time and will not be billed again.

Q.What support do you offer?

A. If you have any questions or concerns before signing up just contact us, and once you’re a customer we have a dedicated support desk to help you out.

Q.How often do you add new training and tools?

A. We will add new training and tools as we develop and release them. We don’t believe in filling up the site with useless content so you can expect to find at least one new video course or tool per month along with our regular weekly newsletter and blog posts.

Q.Can I download training to watch offline?

A. All of our video training is available to download whilst you remain subscribed to the website.

Q.Which payment methods do you accept?

A. You can pay for all of our products or subscriptions using Credit or Debit Card, Bitcoin or PayPal.

Q.What premium WordPress tools are included?

A. You will get access to a selection of premium themes and plugins that we've created or licensed on your behalf for you to use across all of your sites. You will also receive free updates for as long as you remain a member. If you want to use them on client sites then you may have to buy an additional developer license.


Get Monthly Membership for $49!Get Annual Membership for $490!


Secure. Guaranteed. Private.


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