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Data-Driven Marketing is rapidly evolving and there is already a collection of tools considered foundational. There are Google Analytics tracking codes, Facebook Pixels, marketing automation scripts, remarketing tags, and that is just to get started. There is probably a million other tags that you can add to your site if you really wanted to fall down the rabbit hole.

Unless you have full time marketing staff that happen to be happy working with your website code as well then it can almost be too much for the average small business owner to get started, let alone manage. To combat this problem Google introduced a free tool called Google Tag Manager (GTM) which allows you to manage all of your marketing pixels and tags from a single dashboard. Sounds goo right?

But what they don't tell you….

You will still need to install the GTM code to your website, and then move any existing tags over. Oh and then if you want some of these marketing tags to only fire on specific pages, perhaps to track how many people sign up to an email marketing list, then you are probably going to end up calling a developer. Not quite the push button solution they claim.

What if we could the complexity out of pixel and marketing tag management and make everything “just work”?

After data-driven marketing tags to hundreds if not thousands of websites, we've pretty much got it down to an art. For a limited time we're experimenting with this quickstart package as a service. You simply pay a one time fee of $249 (save 50%) and we'll analyse your current configuration and get you set up with your very own Google Tag Manager container that can include:

  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Facebook Marketing Pixels
  • Twitter Audience Pixels
  • Email Lead Conversion Events
  • eCommerce Conversion Events
  • Migration of existing tags

If you're running WordPress, WooCommerce or any system that lets you freely add custom tracking codes you can just click the Buy Now button and we'll get you set up in the next couple of days, however if you're running something else get in contact and we'll make sure you can get started in no time.

After you make your purchase I'll personally be in touch within 24 business hours to arrange the completion of your project.

I look forward to working with you soon!


Daniel McClure
TME Founder

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