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Get instant access to a Business Strategy Dashboard template that you can use to plan, build and grow your business with more effective digital marketing.

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The Secret Tool used by Entrepreneurs & Internet Marketers to perfectly time launches, connect & convert an audience and make the right decisions time after time!

It is easier than ever before to launch an idea for your business, register a domain and have a basic website up that same day. Whilst this is great for agility and getting ideas into action fast, you can move so fast that sometimes you miss some of the best opportunities because you never take a moment to step back and look at your business objectively.

The most successful online business owners can tell you what is happening in their business at any moments notice at any time. They know who their customers are, not just their name, but deep down, they understand what is driving them. They know how many people are on their email list, and they understand the trends within that same list. They know what content they need to make, when it should be published and somehow seem to time everything perfectly with the industry trends for the moment.

The truth is these business owners aren't special and it is not all because of some sort of genetic advantage…

Successful business owners are just more organised than you!

You may not want to admit it, but when you see how consistently they perform you know that it must be true. You may get some wins chasing product launch after product launch, strategy after strategy, but it isn't any real way to build a sustainable business. If you want to really be successful you need to get organised, but luckily it doesn't have to be hard…

When I first realised what I had to do, I started consulting some of the smartest, always on the nail, and respected voices in the industry and it just confirmed what I'd always suspected. Successful business owners didn't just have a plan, they had a system for managing their knowledge, a simple point of reference to understand and manage their business and just as importantly they used it all the time. I got them to share a lot of what they were doing with me and a few even showed me the systems they were using to manage their business.

Some were using Word documents, a few had built their own systems at great expense, others were using things like Evernote, but more often than any other system I realised they were managing their entire business from a simple Excel spreadsheet! While it seems crazy at first, after looking at spreadsheet after spreadsheet it all started to fall into place. The same business moving levers were included again and again; assets used to market their business, audience information, marketing calendars, and general business intelligence.

Your Business Strategy Dashboard can be a secret weapon
guiding you every step of the way…

By not having a dashboard in place you are practically handing an advantage to everyone who knows exactly what they are doing, not just now, but next week, next month and beyond. When I realised this I decided then and there I was going to build my own business strategy dashboard. I examined the various elements that were most important and brought them into an easy to reference document that would make sense to me, but also anyone that I might need to work with on various projects.

After painstakingly reviewing and modifying my business strategy dashboard I settled on 7 core elements with the biggest potential for impact including a customised version one of the most popular tools for crafting a business strategy.  When all was said and done I was left with a professional business strategy dashboard that allowed me to quickly craft, maintain and communicate a business strategy whilst keeping track of my business and planning for future successes. And on top of everything else it could run from anywhere using simply Excel or Google Drive.

Using the Business Strategy Dashboard really allows you to think about what you want in your business and things seem to just fall into place. You can easily make difficult decisions like cutting products that aren't performing well and double down on the areas that make sense. You can make sense on which products and marketing channels are working well so you can prioritize better, create more relevant content and make more sales.

Rather than keep my Business Strategy Dashboard to myself I realised that is exactly the kind of thing that can help others who want more from their online business. If you've ever thought that you could do better in your online business, or you are spending too much time on the wrong things then this is for you. The Business Strategy Dashboard could help you to get clarity on the best things you can do in your business right now, help you to uncover how to make more money, relate to your audience better, convert more sales and ultimately free up more of your time to spend on the things you really want to do.

I decided to introduce a cleaned up template version of the exact Business Strategy Dashboard I'm using for $29. However to gather feedback from others who start using this, you can get it for just $15 for a limited time! I personally spent many hours designing, planning and building this out and right now I'm sharing it with you for much much less than I typically charge for an hour of consulting. If it sounds like something that might help you to grow your business then make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity to take things to the next level…

Get Instant Access To The Complete
Business Strategy Dashboard
To Grow Your Business:

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  • Plan & reference your Business Strategy
  • Identify and connect with user personas
  • Document and keep track of your assets:
    • Domain Names
    • Marketing Lists
    • Social Media Profiles
  • Plan your content to align with your audience
  • Marketing calendar to maximise your impact

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