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Upgrade your email marketing funnels to full marketing automation with the ActiveCampaign Quickstart Package.

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ActiveCampaign is one of, if not the, best marketing automation software for small to medium business. It's been the primary email service for The Modern Entrepreneur for two years now and in that time it has only got better.

When speaking to other business people one of the biggest concerns stopping people from switching is the mental baggage of actually getting started and worrying if they will ever actually use half the features. That is why I've decided to create an ActiveCampaign Quickstart package for anyone that wants to make the switch but doesn't know how to get started.

You simply register for an account with ActiveCampaign (you can do that here if you still need to), shoot me over your details and I will get you set up with all of the essentials.

With the ActiveCampaign QuickStart Package you'll have:

  • A master contact list to manage your email audience
  • A general purpose optin form for collecting Newsletter Leads
  • An alternate optin form for delivering a Lead Magnet/Optin Bribe
    (Note: You have to provide your own bonus, but we'll build the flow)
  • Initial Lead tagging setup and template for building out your full tagging strategy
  • Customised optin Confirmation Email including your Brand Logo
    (You will need to bring your own logo, we'll build the template!)
  • Custom Branded Responsive HTML Email Template for all of your emails
    (Just add in your content and send out emails in style)

This is everything you need to get started using ActiveCampaign as your marketing automation platform. But of course it doesn't stop there. You'll also get the following campaigns set up for you so you start using them straight away, or take a few minutes to add your own personal touch to the wording.

These are the emails and automations included in the ActiveCampaign QuickStart Package:

  • Welcome email to greet your audience once they subscribe.
  • Engagement Tagging Automation – This automatically tags your users as they interact with your content so you know exactly who is paying attention.
  • Re-Engagement Campaign (4 x Emails)  – Check in with your Audience and unsubscribe inactive users who could potentially hurt your email deliverability.
  • NPS Automation Tagging – The NPS® system is a way to measure the satisfaction levels of your email subscribers and you'll get a ready built campaign that tags your contacts as either; Detractors, Passive Leads or Promoters (The ideal lead!)

Did you know ActiveCampaign can also track what contacts do on your website?

This often underused feature is based on a single snippet of code that you need to add to your website. Once installed you can tag people based on the products they are viewing, the categories of blog posts they read, or any number of custom setups such as the stage of your buying cycle. Simply provide access and I'll add this code to your site so that you can build a deeper understanding of your audience, send more targeted email campaigns and ultimately make more sales.

Whether you add the code yourself or want it done it for you, you'll also get up to 5 tagging automations based on pages that people visit on your site which you can use to create super targeted email campaigns designed to convert.

Whether this is your first email list or your 50th, this setup will put you onto the right path…

With everything mentioned above you'll be well on your way to marketing automation success even if you're just getting your first few leads. But if you do need to transfer your contacts from another platform, you can provide a spreadsheet of names and emails and I'll make sure they are added to ActiveCampaign so you're ready to continue your email marketing as soon as possible.

So how much does all of this cost?

I've seen just the information used to design these kind of automations sold for hundreds of dollars, and heard of other agencies and consultants charging up to $500 per email or automation. Well this quickstart package includes at leat 5 emails depending on the exact setup so lets say $2500 just for the email, at least 4 automations so another $2000, plus a customised email template let's call that $100, and then of course the time spent linking all this together.

You could easily spend upwards of $5,000 getting somebody to set this all up for you. But I want to work with a lot more ActiveCampaign customers in 2017 so as part of this exclusive QuickStart package you won't pay $2,500 or even half of that.

The ActiveCampaign Quickstart Package is just $1,000. 

That includes a professional installation of everything above and the entire process should take no more than a few days. All I ask is that you provide honest feedback on the process as we lay the foundations to start offering this to more customers.

Click Here for The ActiveCampaign QuickStart Package for Just $1000

P.S. Daniel McClure here, founder of The Modern Entrepreneur. As this is a new offer there aren't any testimonials yet hence the special introductory price. I'm hoping that the first few people that take up this offer are going to love it and share great feedback we can use for the future. But for now here is a couple testimonials from the past month so you can get a feel for how I roll…

A very professional job. I would not hesitate to use them again.

AndyFlames, Digital Marketer

Excellent, professional service! Daniel is a great communicator, wonderful in combination with his superb skills, expertise and insights about online business. He is also very personable and warm, making working with him a pleasure. His knowledge of WordPress is very impressive and anyone creating a blog or online business would do well to use Daniel’s …

Glenn Carlson, Entrepreneur Read More »

Glenn Carlson, Entrepreneur

Terrific experience with this vendor. They had fantastic expertise and provided professional service within our deadline. Highly recommended and look forward to working with again.

Canton, Internet Marketer

Dan is the online business owners secret weapon when it comes to WordPress! Dan breaks the ‘techy’ mould that most web designers and developers have. This is because Dan not only knows how to create beautiful and functional designs, but he knows how to make them convert into sales! If you are looking for a …

Kirsty Price, Marketing Manager at The Garage / Campus Aberdeen Read More »

Kirsty Price, Marketing Manager at The Garage / Campus Aberdeen
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