When writing content for your site the end goal should always be to deliver the content that your audience wants and needs. However with so much noise online it is more important than ever to also create content that is not only in demand but also easily to find in the search engines. Rather than creating content solely for the benefit of the search engines, Scribe SEO is content marketing software that is designed to take the great content you are already creating and make it easily discoverable.

Scribe SEO - Search Engine Optimisation PluginYou can either use Scribe SEO as a WordPress plugin, Microsoft Word Add-On or simply use the web based app to write your content and the system will help to suggest appropriate keywords to use, provide tips on how best to optimise your tags and content and provide you with both a page and site score so that you can be sure you are on the right path.

One of the best things about using Scribe is that even though all of the suggestions are generated without requiring you to undertake extensive market research you will naturally start to learn about what people are searching for and how to structure your content whilst following along so that in time you may not even want or need to use it.

The professional Scribe plan comes with 300 evaluations included and up to 700 keyword evaluations every single month meaning that you will likely be able to use the service across more than one site and even a small team of bloggers is unlikely to run out of evaluations so you will always have Scribe at your side making sure your content marketing is sending out the right message whilst helping more people than ever to discover your membership site.

You can find out more about Scribe SEO here!

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